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Expect more:  K-State is growing, one project at a time.

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Just because you’re proud of your past doesn’t mean you don’t expect even more from your future. This is especially true at Kansas State University. As the nation’s first operational land-grant university, K-State has a unique responsibility to find solutions to the world's problems.

Finding these solutions requires room to grow. The university is building upon its strong foundation of tradition and success not only figuratively, but also literally. Anyone visiting the K-State campus soon realizes the scope of campus construction. The skyline is dotted with cranes, and new buildings and expansions are quickly taking shape.

Want a glimpse? Here are a few of the exciting construction projects currently changing the campus landscape:

These new and renovated spaces mean more room for research breakthroughs, student success and learning opportunities — important components of the K-State 2025 initiative. This initiative pushes K-State to become a Top 50 public research university by 2025.

To be a top university, it makes sense that we would need top facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, labs and classrooms. Unfortunately, this means the K-State community may need to take a few detours either by foot or by car until the final orange cone leaves campus. They don’t mind, though — the K-State family sees the world through purple-tinted glasses, and together, we share the vision for an even stronger future.

That's the Wildcat Way.