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Welcome to the Center for Student Involvement

We are here to support you

CSI continues to provide virtual resources and support for student organizations during this time of social distancing. While we are working remotely, staff are available via email and happy to schedule virtual meetings and calls upon request. 

Listing of student organization event guidance per COVID-19

Virtual events & resources

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We are here to support you! 

The CSI Update

The CSI Update is a weekly eNewsletter providing all of the need-to-know information for registered student organizations, their student leaders, and advisors. 

Retreat Planning

Retreats are one of the most useful and valuable activities student organizations can participate in. Utilize these resources below to plan a retreat for your organization.

Engaging Your Org from a Social Distance

As we practice social distancing, this presentation discusses what you, as student leaders, can do to continue to engage your organization in meaningful and productive activities. 

Protect Your Meetings from Zoom-bombing

Zoom-bombing is the unwanted intrusion into a video conference call by an individual, causing disruption. Prevent this from happening to your Zoom calls by using these helpful tips.

Student Org Basics

This 45-minute presentation includes

  • Overview of services provided by the Center for Student Involvement

  • Tour of OrgCentral navigation, functions, & features

  • Review of resources available to registered student organizations

  • Schedule a presentation session with the Assistant Director, Sara Heiman

Leadership Transitions

Leadership transitions are one of the most important pieces of student organization success. This 45-minute workshop will provide you with a guide for making sure your team is set up for another productive year!

Organization activities, meetings, and events

Organizations gearing up to plan their events and meetings for the fall are encouraged to reach out to the K-State Student Union and campus facilities to learn more about the timelines associated with making reservations, as well as any information regarding potential limitations in place.

Organization travel

Ready to travel?  As organizations make plans to participate in activities and events over the summer, we encourage you check out the current travel guidelines of the University and State of Kansas.

Get involved in student organizations

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is here to inspire community through involvement. The CSI is the point of contact for all registered student organizations and helps students get connected to organizations which complement their individual interests and academic endeavors.

There are two types of organizations students can get involved in:

  • Departmental Student Organizations (DSOs) are those groups which have a purpose vital to the mission of K-State and is sponsored by a campus department. DSOs further the mission and play a role in the day-to-day functions of their sponsoring department. These organizations receive additional support and benefits from the University and as such are a direct representation of its mission and values. An example of a DSO is the American Association of Feline Practitioners.
  • Independent Student Organizations (ISOs) are groups that are not operated by or affiliated with the University, in any way, nor are ISO missions, values, operations, and activities endorsed by the University. These organizations provide space for students to gather with others of shared interests that are distinctly separate from the academic mission and purpose of K-State. An example of an ISO is the Cooking Club.

All student organizations provide opportunities for students to connect, engage, and get involved with peers. The purpose of registering with the CSI is to be able to reserve rooms on campus, apply for Student Governing Association funding, participate in CSI programs and workshops, and establish an OrgCentral portal. The OrgCentral portal provides an opportunity for students interested in getting involved to view the variety of groups and obtain contact information of leaders.

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