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Human Capital Services

Human Capital Services
Kansas State University
103 Edwards Hall
1810 Kerr Drive
Manhattan, KS 66506-4801


785-532-6095 fax
email: hr@ksu.edu 

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Pay Information

Kansas State University employees are paid on a bi-weekly payroll.  Please explore the information below to learn more about your pay.

Viewing & Calculating Pay

Learn about Viewing Your Pay
Paycheck Calculator (paycheckcity.com)
Direct Deposit Information
Understanding your paycheck
University Support Staff Pay Scale and Classifications (pdf)
Longevity Bonus for University Support Staff
Employment/Income Verifications through the Work Number?

Tax Information

Consent to receive your W-2 form electronically
W-2 Information-How do I request a duplicate W-2?

How are my federal and state taxes figured?

Information for 9-Month Employees

Academic Year Summer Reserve Payment OptionOnly available at the beginning of the academic year.
Planning for Financial Stability